The most important thing to us

is being fresh & committed to our partners.

Nama4IT is recognized as an all-round marketing, advertising, design, PR and sales agency serving an international customer base with a focused on consumer electronics.
The combination of experience, freshness, ambition and love for business
makes us an unique partner for all your activities.

It is our goal to achieve the best results out of marketing campaigns. It’s all about enthusiastic and satisfied customers!
As we are used to dealing with challenging topics in this fast changing tech world, you can be sure that we treat your case with great care and a highly professional approach.

Our key activities

1.We are Marketing

Marketing is more than ‘just’ being there. It’s more than ‘just’ making an effort. Working close with your organization to feel the passion of your company is the secret behind successful marketing. Nama4IT does exactly that. We have a very personal approach and want to see, hear and feel what goes on behind the scenes. Together we have over 15 years of experience in marketing planning and creation. This means that we’re experienced enough to market your value proposition just right to win over the customer, but still fresh enough to make your campaign unique.

2.We are PR

The last couple of years we’ve witnessed the rise of social media. With this rise we’ve seen that a lot of companies have been Twittering away in search of the big flock of followers. We as PR specialists see that there is a huge need for media attention. Even though PR is relatively a small investment, allot of companies don’t know how to steer this in the right direction. Nama4IT can help your organization in exactly that. We would love to inform you about the possibilities of the ”newer” social media and about traditional PR.

3.We are Event organisation

We know the importance of well-organized events. This can be a booth on a trade show including transfers, hotels, tickets and restaurant reservations. But it can also mean an original customer incentive. We at Nama4IT are very creative and make the impossible, possible. Two examples of events we’ve had the privilege of serving our clients are, CES 2014 and Firstlook event 2013. Please reach out to us and we’ll inspire each other into benefiting your company’s event.

4.We are Sales

Your company cannot survive without sales. However, it is difficult to get a good sales force with limited funding. We at Nama4IT can help you be that sales driven company. We understand the sales game and know who to talk to and what to say in order to make the right deals. Our natural curiosity makes us aware of the dynamics in the market and therefore allows us to decide which route to walk. We can offer sales agents in your behalf and assign them in your market of choice. ”It’s critical to know your customers. It’s equally important that your customers like you.”

5.We are Management

By experience we at Nama4IT know what works in the field of IT and Consumer Electronics. We are more than happy to explore the possibilities with you and advise you on strategy, partnerships, timing, sourcing, etc. Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the possibilities for your company.

You're interested, but not sure if we can help you locally?

Due to our excellent market knowledge and our experienced people,
there is no market we would not be able to cover from our head office in Curacao.

Additionally we cooperate with local marketing and sales agencies in a great number of countries throughout the world.
To name a few: Germany, UK, Poland, Turkey, Dubai, USA and Brasil
Please send us an inquire for your needs and we’ll make it worth your while.

We’re currently accepting new client projects.

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